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Over The GeoFocus Group’s more than 50 years in operation, The GeoFocus Group has been called upon by people from various corners of the construction industry — including but not limited to Property Owners, Developers, Banks, Lenders, Receivers, General Contractors, Construction Managers, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors — to lend our expertise as experts and provide assistance, consulting and advisory on services to a variety of projects, cases and disputes.

Our Experts:

Roger Altobelli: As The GeoFocus Group’s founding principal and in his current role as strategic adviser Roger brings to the table the value of his 50+ years of experience in the construction (general contracting and construction management), development (multi-family residential, industrial and commercial) and dysfunctional/distressed project recovery (litigation support and claims management) fields.  Roger has provided strategic advice, direction, organization and operational support throughout the course of every project with a focus on projects valued up to $100,000,000.00+ and upwards. Roger has established a reputation for revitalizing failing projects and mitigating client exposure to risk and liability. Most importantly, Roger has a fierce reputation for completing projects in full compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Adam Altobelli: As The GeoFocus Group’s acting President and Chief Construction Manager Adam brings to the table the value of his 20+ years of experience in the construction, litigation support, expert witness and distressed/dysfunctional project recovery fields.  Adam has worked with private and public sector clients, primarily providing advice on construction methodologies and strategic positioning pertaining to project recovery strategies, construction litigation support and claims management.  Adam has established a reputation for mitigating client exposure to risk and liability through advanced contracts administration and risk-assessment techniques.  From the strategic recovery of a flagship hotel in Vaughan (the Novotel Hotel Toronto Vaughan) to the delivery of an ultra-luxury beaux-arts condominium development in Oakville (The Randall Residences) Adam has been involved in all facets of the construction life-cycle from conception through to completion.  Most recently Adam was retained to provide an expert opinion report to the Ontario Provincial Police / Ministry of The Attorney General.

Drawing on their extensive knowledge and expertise of the construction industry, The GeoFocus Group’s experts can discuss and describe industry standards, technical language, and complex issues to the trier of fact. They can also provide testimony, expert opinions and expert reports to inform on issues related to construction law and have the ability and expertise to comment on building delays, construction defects, contracts administration issues, codes and compliance requirements, and construction costs.

The GeoFocus Group’s experts are well-versed and up to date on the methodologies, processes, and materials associated with a multitude of construction projects. This knowledge is critically important as it provides them the ability to consult, provide advisory services, prepare expert witness reports, prepare expert opinion reports and testify on various aspects of construction, including:

  1. Bond, surety and insurance review
  2. Building code compliance coordination
  3. Building process and sequence interrogation
  4. Bulletin 19 Coordination
  5. Change directive management
  6. Change order management
  7. RFI and supplementary instruction management
  8. Commercial controls
  9. Project controls
  10. Contract administration
  11. Construction claims consulting
  12. Construction contracts
  13. Construction defects/deficiencies identification and rectification management
  14. Construction dispute resolution
  15. Construction liens
  16. Construction management
  17. PDI and Pre-PDI assessments/inspections
  18. Cost estimates
  19. Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts assistance and coordination
  20. Design evaluation
  21. Expert witness testimony
  22. Expert opinion reports
  23. Alternative financing assistance
  24. Forensic investigations
  25. Construction litigation support
  26. Price discrepancies
  27. Quality issues
  28. Regulatory compliance
  29. Construction risk management and risk assessment
  30. Coordination of Third Party Inspectors
  31. Consultant Coordination
  32. Tarion requirements
  33. Toxic mold

To discover how The GeoFocus Group’s construction expert opinion and expert witness services can benefit your organization, connect with us today to schedule a meeting with one of our construction experts.

Recent retainers to provide expert construction consulting, advisory services and/or expert witness/opinion reports include:

  • single family residential development wherein The GeoFocus Group was retained at the 40% completion stage to provide an expert witness report with respect to the valuation of services performed and costs to complete.
  • industrial and corporate office development wherein The GeoFocus Group was retained at the 45% completion stage to provide construction consulting and advisory services.
  • restaurant and entertainment venue wherein The GeoFocus Group was retained at the 50% completion stage to provide expert construction advisory services.
  • brand name hotel development wherein The GeoFocus Group was retained at the 55% completion stage to provide expert construction advisory services.
  • single family residential development wherein The GeoFocus Group was retained at the 65% completion stage to provide expert option reports with respect to delays/deficiencies and evaluate work performed.
  • multi-family condominium development wherein The GeoFocus Group was retained at the 70% completion stage to provide expert construction advisory and project recovery services.
  • single-family estate home wherein The GeoFocus Group was retained at the 75% completion stage was retained to provide expert witness reports and an expert opinion.
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