Construction Cost, Complexity Boost Demand For Owners’ Reps


“Construction projects require large investments. Mistakes and delays can be exceptionally costly. Shepherding a construction project from start to finish to make the most of the investment and limit errors is a daunting task, and doing so requires experience and dedicated time. The current COVID-19 pandemic makes the process all the more challenging. All these factors and others are helping increase awareness of the importance of owners’ representatives..

The role of an owner’s representative is to serve as the project leader, to strategize and manage all facets of a construction project in accordance with the owner’s goals. That leadership is vital given many owners don’t have the internal resources to handle the job, says Adam Mopsick, CEO of real estate and construction services firm Amicon Management. Uninformed decisions can mean selecting inappropriate contractors, working from inaccurate initial budgets and mismanaging the construction process, Mopsick adds.” – Jeffrey Steel (Construction Cost, Complexity Boost Demand For Owners’ Reps (

The GeoFocus Group’s personnel have been called upon to analyze, recover and complete numerous projects that have been identified as being:

·     distressed,

·     delayed,

·     disturbed,

·     deficient;

·     and dysfunctional. 

The experience garnered by participating in the aforementioned projects has provided our team with the unique perspective of having the ability to to identify and mitigate project risk at the earliest stages of the construction and development life-cycle.

From the development of raw land to the recovery of multi-million dollar assets the team at The GeoFocus Group has developed, managed, acquired, completed and/or participated in (as general contractor (CCDC 2, CCDC 14), construction manager (CCDC 5A, CCDC 5B) developer and/or joint venture partner for projects within North America and Europe.

With the construction industry facing an unprecedented personnel shortage and with complex construction projects often left to inexperienced developers, consultants, CMs, GCs, PMs, site supervisors, CAs, subcontractors and field personnel, projects are faced with severe delay, deficiency and distress leading to many construction projects ending up in receivership or bankruptcy.

Client-centric and assigning a principal to each and every file The GeoFocus Group’s personnel treat their Client’s projects as their own. Founded with the advanced knowledge and experience that is typically associated with larger management firms we utilize our size to your advantage. With expertise based on industry know-how from boots on the ground experience The GeoFocus Group provides leadership, experience and technical expertise. Our 50+ year record in the industry combined with our experience in the provision of technical due diligence and strategic project recovery, enables us to understand the issues that are associated with project failure and or suspension. As Owners’ Representatives we put this experience to work, for you!



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