Specialists in Construction Management, Advisory Services & Distressed Projects.

The GeoFocus Group’s history of meticulously delivered and/or rescued real estate and development projects speaks for itself. Founded by industry professionals that have developed, managed, acquired and/or participated in projects within Canada, the US and Europe. Client-centric, offering consulting, advisory, construction management and project management services. Firm principal assigned to oversee and manage each and every file.

Pre-Construction and Post Construction Project Management Services

Expert Construction Services

What do specialists in Construction Management, Advisory Services & Distressed Projects do?

Founded with the advanced knowledge and experience that is typically associated with larger construction and project management firms we utilize our size to our advantage. CM, PM, development and construction consulting and advisory services based on industry know-how from boots on the ground experience. Our team is well positioned to assist you to mitigate, avoid and/or overcome strategic and financial challenges associated with land development and construction.

As specialists in Construction Management, Advisory Services, and Distressed Projects we typically provide expert guidance and support to clients in the construction industry, with a focus on ensuring successful outcomes for complex and challenging projects. Our role may involve, but may not be limited to, a variety of activities, including:

Construction Management

A HCRA and Tarion Registered Vendor and Builder comprised of talented and experienced industry experts. Our construction management specialists provide hands-on management and oversight to ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. We take a proactive approach, anticipating and addressing potential issues before they become problems, and working with you every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome. Experienced with Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI), single-family, mixed-use, multi-family condo and multi-family purpose built rental, new-builds, renovation and capital improvement projects throughout Canada, USA and Europe. Client-centric and principal driven. Years of experience in managing, delivering and/or administering the following contract types: CCDC 5A (CM not at risk), CCDC 5B (CM at risk) and hybrid/bespoke CM delivery models. Experts in mitigating risk from pre-construction through to post-construction by utilizing advanced CM techniques.

Construction Project Management

A Project Manager (PM), is an individual who is responsible for planning, executing, and closing projects. The PM is hired by the project owner or developer and works off-site, providing overall project management and coordination. Why is the early involvement of a Project Manager essential to project success? The early involvement of a Project Manager in a construction project is essential to project success because they bring a broad perspective to the project that is not limited to just construction. A PM has a comprehensive understanding of the project, its goals, and objectives and can identify potential challenges that may arise during the construction process. By involving a PM early on in the project, potential issues can be addressed before they become major problems, reducing the likelihood of cost overruns, schedule delays, and project failures. They can also help to minimize risks by identifying and mitigating potential threats to the project, such as changes in project scope, unexpected challenges, and other unforeseen events.

Construction Project Delays

As construction project delay recovery and completion specialists we are professionals who are skilled in managing construction projects that are facing delays and helping the projects get back on track to completion. Often responsible for identifying the causes of delays and developing strategies to mitigate and overcome them. We work with the project team, contractors, and stakeholders to identify areas of risk and potential solutions. The responsibilities of construction project delay recovery and completion specialists typically include: analyzing construction schedules to identify areas of delay, developing and implementing recovery plans to get the project back on track, monitoring progress and adjusting the recovery plan as needed, communicating with project stakeholders, including contractors, owners, and project managers, resolving disputes and negotiating with contractors to find solutions to problems, coordinating and overseeing the work of the construction team to ensure the project is completed on time, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Consruction Advisory Services

Called upon by entities from various corners of the construction industry, spanning developers to contractors often lending our expertise for issues ranging from land acquisition to land development management and pre-construction coordination to post-construction interrogation. Our construction advisory services are a set of professional services that provide guidance and support to construction projects to help ensure their successful completion. These services can encompass a wide range of activities, including interrogation of the pre-development, course of construction or post-construction processes, risk mitigation, and litigation support. The goal of construction advisory services is to provide the necessary expertise, tools, and resources to help project owners, contractors, and other stakeholders make informed decisions and manage construction projects effectively. This can help ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards.

Owner's Representation Services

An Owner’s Representative (OR) is a professional hired by a property owner or developer to act as their representative during the construction of a building project. Their primary role is to protect the owner’s interests and ensure that the project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the desired quality and specifications. The specific duties of an Owner’s Representative may vary depending on the scope of the project, but in general, they are responsible for the following: project management, contract administration, communication management, document management, quality control and cost control. The involvement of an Owner’s Representative can be beneficial to developers and owners in several ways: expertise, time savings, cost savings and quality assurance. Overall, an Owner’s Representative can play a key role in ensuring that construction projects are completed successfully and on time, while also protecting the owner’s interests and maximizing their investment.

Construction Claims Management

As Construction Claims Managers we play a critical role in managing and resolving disputes related to construction projects. We are responsible for evaluating and negotiating claims made by contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in order to reach a fair and amicable resolution. Some key elements of our Construction Claims Consultancy are: assessing the validity of claims made and determining the causes of delay, disruption, or additional costs, evaluating the cost impact of claims and negotiating settlements
Developing and implementing dispute resolution strategies, managing negotiations and mediation between parties involved in a dispute, analyzing construction contracts and relevant laws to determine the rights and obligations of parties involved in a dispute, presenting evidence and arguments in formal dispute resolution proceedings and maintaining up-to-date knowledge of construction law and industry best practices. Services provided at all stages of the construction/development lifecycle.

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