Construction Project Going “SIDEWAYS”



Whether you are a Contractor or Developer, a project going “sideways” and falling victim to deficiency, delay, distress and dysfunction will always have the potential to derail an otherwise viable and feasible development.

Whether the project has:

1.    THOUSANDS of requests for information (RFIs) with many identified as unanswered; and/or,

2.    HUNDREDS of change order requests, most of which are not resolved; and/or,

3.    DOZENS of change directives which has caused numerous invoicing conflicts;

a project without leadership and guidance in the face of crisis and uncertainty will almost always lead to project failure.

The construction industry is facing an unprecedented personnel shortage and complex construction projects are often left to inexperienced general contractors, construction managers, project managers, site supervisors, contracts administrators and trade contractors which causes projects to be severely troubled, delayed, deficient and or distressed. This is leading to many construction projects being delivered: i) behind schedule and ii) over budget. This inevitably creates undue hardship for Developers, General Contractors, Design-Builders, Sub-Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers alike.


The GeoFocus Group offers a responsive and effective troubleshooting service.

In the face of crisis and uncertainty, The GeoFocus Group provides leadership, experience and technical expertise. Our 50+ year record in the industry combined with our experience in the provision of land development, construction management, general contracting, technical due diligence,  strategic project recovery and turnaround, enables us to understand the issues associated with distressed, dysfunctional or delayed construction projects. With the priorities established and the issues defined, we progress to creating, and then implementing, a construction recovery, completion and cost/schedule mitigation plan.

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Based in Vaughan, Ontario, The GeoFocus Group provides complete construction management, construction consulting and land development services to a variety of industries throughout a multitude of sectors throughout Ontario.

Founded with the advanced knowledge and experience that is typically associated with larger firms, The GeoFocus Group continues to impact the industry with principal-driven, client-centric services that are infused with the team’s diverse expertise and passionate focus. And while our dedication to honesty, integrity and dependability is often echoed throughout the industry the niche we have carved for ourselves with respect to the recovery of DISTRESSED, DELAYED, DYSFUNCTIONAL AND DISTURBED CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS and our delivery style ONE PRINCIPAL TO EVERY PROJECT remains unique.

After over 50+ years in the industry, The GeoFocus Group provides distinct services with minimum reliance on out-of-house assistance, always providing clients with the consistent excellence that has become synonymous with the company. Employing a team of construction professionals, The GeoFocus Group is home to a collection of personnel who mirror the Altobelli family’s personal commitment to thoroughly understanding each project and executing each client’s objectives in strict compliance with all rules and regulations to exceed the expectations of both their client’s expectations and those of the end users.

To learn more about The GeoFocus Group please visit: About Us | The GeoFocus Group.


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