Does Your Project Require Project Recovery and Completion Services?

May 27, 2021 admin

As a Tarion/HCRA registered Vendor and Builder with a reputation as being experts in the niche field of assessing, recovering and completing distressed, delayed, dysfunctional and/or disturbed construction projects. Commonly approached by developers, lenders, receivers, owners representatives, construction lawyers, certified construction law specialists, lien experts and General Contractors/Construction Managers, we are often contacted mid project to perform an assessment to determine: i) why is the project underperforming, ii) develop a construction project recovery and completion strategy and iii) monitor and/or execute the delivery of the construction project recovery and completion strategy.

What does an initial assessment include? An initial assessment typical includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. review of the existing agreement(s) between the Developer and the existing Construction Management / General Contracting team.
  2. review of the development/construction schedule that formed part of the CM/GCs contract.
  3. review of the latest issued/approved schedule that has been agreed to by the CM/GC and Owner.
  4. review of existing Consultant’s agreements including but not limited to the Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer and Bulletin-19 Consultant.
  5. review of the late6st Application for Payment submitted by the CM/GC as certified by the Payment Certifier and processed by the Cost Consultant.
  6. review of the latest General Field Review report(s) issued by all Consultants.
  7. review of any third-party inspection reports (including bulletin 19 inspection reports) identifying any outstanding deficiencies.
  8. review of the approved building permit drawings.
  9. review of any/all supplemental instructions.
  10. review of any/all fully executed change orders and change directives.
  11. review of any/all outstanding change orders, change directives, requests for information and submittals.
  12. review of the building permit; and,
  13. review of the issued for construction and or latest revised fully coordinated drawing set available.

If your project is delayed, over-budget, deficient and your existing Construction Management / General Contracting teams are underperforming contact us today. Our experts can provide you with your options regarding the assessment, recovery and completion of your underperforming construction project. We can also discuss options with respect to our firms acquisition of the underperforming asset and/or with respect to joint venture arrangements to assist to see your vision through to completion.


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